Me and Multimedia

As I wrote in the last article about that I will write about Multimedia in the future article. This is that article about Multimedia that I want to share what I know about and want to explore more about it.

My childhood

Before that, I want to share some experience how I got to know about this field. This is about my childhood; I am in Madurai, India. The family and friends network and the environment I belong is a kind of people who are all well educated, well settled Mostly in Information technologies (IT) and software related field. I grew up with them as a poor kid who lacks a lot in education. I am not good in studies, schooling, and college.

The reason behind that was I am interested in somewhere else other than normal people do like mathematics, science and social science etc. My mind wants to explore more about something else as I believe in a philosophy that every kid has his/her own specialty by birth. At least the kid should know what is his specialty is. Where he is interested in and to explore about.

Specialty and Interest

I am that kind of kid who was lacking in finding what his own specialty and interest is. And my family, friends, environment I belong dint let me find it. There the only intention is I want to become just like them. A well educated IT employee. What I can do if I am not interested in something that I don’t want to do. It’s a complicated situation for every kid like me. I don’t know the pathway I want to run out from them. I was alone, isolated and provoked. Struggling to accept I am one of them but cant able to become. I gave up on finding my specialty and interest because of them and tried to do something that they do.

Without interest I did my schooling, as a below average student I got a total mark, with that I can reach an Arts and science College not even a good college with the marks I got but I have to do college as per the rule. I did Bachelor of Science in Computer science. I ended up with average marks again but with my age and education, I got matured a little bit. Maturity is the only thing what I gain from my higher education. And this is what people have to gain other than Marks, grades, and jobs.

Thanks to my College

That time One of my close friends, “Amarnath Gandhi” He found I am good at doing artworks and he told me I am special in doing artworks and designs. He told me about the opportunity for the people who are capable of doing artworks and designs like sketching, drawing and bit more things. His intention is to find that opportunity and he wants my company to find that opportunity. He induced to go with him where it is the place which is out of the station. My place is Madurai and that place is Chennai. Around 450 Km away from my hometown.

I bet he is the responsible person to find my inner specialty and interest. At least this college gave me this guy to find who I am, what I am. He told me who I am He told me what I am. He showed me my pathway to run out. I should thank the god or nature to make me meet him in my life. It happened because of this college or education and I want to thank this college. This is the starting point of my own life.

Certified special course

But before that, we have to do a special certified course. Then only we can find a job related to that why because my B.Sc degree was not related to the field where I am going to work for. I still remember I was around the age 19 or 20 I even don’t know what special course is that I am going to do the only thing I know was the course is related to me and my specialty and my interest what I gave up in my childhood

Here comes the issue

I fought with my mom for doing this course cost around 50 thousand rupees in “Arena Multimedia“. Money is not an issue but the problem is she doesn’t want me to go out leaving her alone. but after I pleased she let me go and study that course I went I asked about the course even that time I don’t know what I am going to study anyway I started paid advance payment I came back to my living mansion. That day evening my brother called me. He is the first authorizing before my mom because he is well settled he has good job money and everything. And if I am going to do this course he is going to pay for it around 50 thousand rupees but money is not the problem for him too. The problem is this field is not a good field in his point of view

He called me

He asked: who gave you permission to do this,

I said: mom

He said: Mom doesn’t know about this course only I know.

And he said: This field is not a good field it doesn’t any scope

I don’t know how to reply. Anyhow I want to do this course I fought for doing this course and I tried a lot, finally, he said if I am going to do this course he is going to pay for it. and he asked what if he is not going to pay. I don’t have an answer for this. I don’t have money to pay. my mom, she can’t able to pay. I don’t think like I can pay by doing part-time jobs or something

I again gave up for the second time and asked him what I want to do now. he said to come back to your hometown and do master of computer applications PG MCA and he is ready to pay me now around one and a half lacks. I told him I don’t have the interest to do this its waste of money and time and I said I can’t get job or opportunity in this IT field. He gave me job assurance that I will get a good job and he will arrange it. Again without my interest, I did MCA but still, now this time I know who I am. What is my specialty? I ended up again with MCA degree without any of its knowledge no job opportunities I got as per my brother’s assurance. Wasted three years of time I got more mature.

This time they let me go out for finding a job in Chennai. In their point of view, I am coming to Chennai to find IT job and I also tried IT job for some time but still lack of interest. I work in a small IT company Where I did my final year project while I did MCA in the third year I worked for 6 months I quit my IT job I came back to my hometown for a month and returned to Chennai again.

The Art School.

After a little struggle, I got my first job in my own field, art field in Chennai.  I thank god, I got my master who gave me this job I thank one more friend “Gnanesh” his name he gave me the reference to this master. In this job, I am an art master I teach drawing and coloring for kids, school going children. In the morning I learn from my master, about arts and in the evening I teach arts to my students. The institution name is “Sri Dharshini Kalai Koodam“.

Meanwhile in afternoon after 2 pm I did a course related to the Digital design field in “framebox animation” something related to visual effects. But I dint got basics and fundamentals in this field that is the backdrop straight away they started teaching Adobe Photoshop after effects. it became confusing kind of overload. I stopped till Photoshop and half-finished after effects till I stopped this course morning I learned arts afternoon after effect evening 4 to 8 teaching art. for that my master gave me enough money to survive after stopping after effects course I started full-time art job, learning, and teaching. I got a good experience as an artist, art master, and art teacher. My master gave me my own institute under his control. I got enough money to survive. I should thank my Master Artist “Vaghai Dharmalingam” for providing me the first opportunity; It is my dream, passion. no other job satisfied me like this but life is a race we have to run. life is a river the water has to run if it stays in a stable position for some time it may get polluted. 2 years went by I thought to go to next level, next stage.

I want to do one more try hoping for the best in the design field. I chose one design institute “Image Creative Educations” in Chennai they ask me to start from the basics. This is what actually I want. I asked for web design but they suggested graphic design because graphic design is basic to learn first if I am good in graphic design I can do well if I go to web design.

I got a good start in graphic design. I started with basic design theory and the photography, Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign. In design theory, I learned few things about fundamental design ideas and more than that I got to know what is meat my Multimedia. This one single word the key to my dream this is what I searched for almost my entire life so far.

Any person who has interest in design field first want to know what is multimedia and explore more about multimedia if possible they can do a degree course after finishing their schooling if their parent allows them to do. My parents dint allowed they don’t even know there something that. Even I don’t know I have a course in BSc Multimedia I even didn’t find what I want to do when I am in that age as I told before Please find your interest and go as per your interest it’ll drive you where you want to go

As I am not a graduate in Multimedia, I have to accept I know only a little about it. I made a mistake in the time when I choose my bachelor’s degree. I chose Bachelor of Science in Computer science rather than choosing B.Sc in Multimedia. I got to know only after that I am interested in Multimedia related studies. But time factor, age, and other things stopped me to do my multimedia studies. So what I explored about multimedia I want to share those by writing it. Few things I learned from Graphic design institute and other things are my exploration

I have to start splitting the word Multimedia Multi + media.

Multi means multiple or many

Media means medium

What is media or medium?

The word medium I have heard in Indian schools that people have options to study the subject with their own preferred languages like Tamil, Hindi or Telugu. which means Medium is a way of communication. Media is the way of communication. people can share information or people can get to know about some information with their own preferred medium or media.

Different types of media

Human basically communicate using 5 basic medium those are





And Graphical designs

They sometimes mix up these elements to make some other things like Languages see how it comes both the combination of text and audio with inner meaning. So when we mix these simple basic mediums what we get is Multimedia. The mixture of one or more media is known as multimedia



Moreover in those days people use only one media to communicate some information, for example, the use text to write letters and they mail to someone or they publish it to a group of people



They use their own voice to speak for transferring information which is nothing but a audio. They use Radios to publish that audio. So whatever the media people use in the backend there should be information sharing information in a possible manner



In those days people use to share information using stage drama. Later on, with the help of film rolls, they started capturing it as a video clip and share a movie. Video is nothing but frames of pictures arranged in a sequence and when they run it looks real and it gets life


Photography is a powerful media with the help of one photographic picture the entire explanation of a particular situation can be explained. In those days before the discovery of camera talented artist people use to draw it manually and it took more than a month to show the white and black effect that what we are taking in fractions of seconds using our normal mobile phone when people.

Graphical Designs

The collection of shapes, forms, and lines. Shapes can be definite or indefinite definite shapes are box rectangle triangle hexagon and more which has a name indefinite shapes are organic shapes like pease od stone or cloud a tree etc. forms are 3D objects which are nothing but the illusions they look real because of depth using shades and shadows. Lines are the interconnection of multiple points lines may have with thick, thin, broken, dashed, dotted zigzag and so on strokes. so using graphical designs what we can achieve is decorations in an infographic content we can make cartoon images, 3d images and so on.

So when we are using one or more media it becomes Multimedia for example newspaper publishing is a powerful method to share information in newspapers we can so multiple media like text, photographic pictures, cartoon imagery lines shapes and so on which they add three medias such as text photography and graphical design.

we can compare which is more interesting and easy to communicate or communicated, either the content which has only one media like text alone or the content which has multiple media like text images and graphic designs. Of course, multimedia is better than single media. it is easy, effective and interesting

we can publish information using two methods such as print media publishing and digital media publishing.

Print media


The hard copy of information such as newspapers, magazine, pamphlet, flyers, Bussiness cards, letterheads. Print media is the combination of text images and graphic designs

Digital media

soft copy of the digital information we see in web pages, web applications, smartphone applications, like Facebook WhatsApp, twitter skype and so on this is our present and future generation technology. Digital media is the combination of all the elements such as text, audio, video photography and graphic design. so it is more effective easy interesting, entertaining and so on.

Try to explore more about examples of Multimedia, Multimedia devises, Multimedia Softwares, Multimedia applications

Hope you enjoyed this article see you on next topic feed your comments.

vasanth babu E R

what is photography

What is Photography?


Zeitung Financial Times / newspaper financial times

Zeitung Financial Times / newspaper financial times.


Photography is one of the power tool or media in graphic design why because it will explain the situation in one single picture rather than writing a very big article say for example a newspaper is publishing about Americans New Year celebration or Indians Diwali or Pongal celebration they first attract the public by showing the picture to continue reading the news or even to buy that particular newspaper. Nowadays people rather than reading news they buy newspapers only for watching pictures. it’s not only for attraction purpose and it is also for communication purpose the entire newspaper company is working to communicate people what they got or what information they want to communicate.


Not only newspapers it’s just an example for Print media publishing. We have many examples in print media publishing and digital media publishing but both print media and digital media are the classifications of one big word or field known as Multimedia. This field decides what the world wants to know. So it is a very topic to discuss about or to write about. I will write about Multimedia may be in next article. So I can explain about Photography today and all the reader who are still reading this article probably can understand the importance of photography

What is photography?


Pictures, Memories, Passion Profession and that’s it ?

Before starting about Photography DSLR Camera settings, effects and other things we first have to discuss about what is meant my photography what is the explanation of the word photography. In my class when I am asking this question my students tell different answers some of them are, taking pictures, memories, passion, profession etc. not a bad answer to my opinion I don’t want to discourage any of my students in the first class I reply to their answers like yeah, good, fine, anything else. At one point they stop answering. I make them to think more about the topic word why because they want to be impressed with my answer. This is my secret weapon to make my students to listen the class or entire session and even they think like I am quite a good teacher. They believe in me. They accept me as their teacher.

Teachers Explanation

I start with the simple explanation by splitting the word Photography, Photo + graphy. Photo and graphy come from Greek word. Photo means Photon and graphy this graphy combines with many words like Photography, videography, calligraphy and the people who work in these profession photographers, videographers and we can notice that the graphy is changed in to grapher and also this word graphy is similar to graphics or simply a Graph. See now I have collected how many words from the word photography graphy, grapher, graph and graphics


Man showing business graph on wood table

We all know Graph sheet is a paper with checks and we use graph sheet to mention points and lines. We store points using x and y values and we connect multiple points using lines and finely come to the conclusion or analysis where the line is traveling. Using graph we store and represent analytical results or records

Graphic designing

What is then graphics? The method of storing and representing any kind of works that can be a fine art painting, sketching, drawing, type, letters, documents, textile embroidery anything which we store and represent. It can also be manual or digital hand drawn or hand writing is also a graphics. When this word graphic comes with design which we call a profession graphic designing or graphic designers. I am a graphic designer which means I store and represent designs manually or digitally. And we see a new word design what is meant by a design? That I will write in a separate article why because it is again a very big topic to discuss.

What is meant by photo?

So we got to know that graphic design means storing and representing designs. In the same way calligraphy means the art of storing and representing type characters same way typography the art of storing representing typefaces same way videographer the person stores video clips in a film role or in a memory card same way photography storing and representing photo in a film role or in a memory card and what is meant by photo?

Photo means photon in physics photon means light and storing or capturing the light or drawing with light is the simple way to explain photography

Hope this article is useful somewhat to understand about the basics of photography. I just wrote what is the word photography means. Still I know it’s a long way to go as I told in future I will discuss about what is multimedia? What is design? Later on I ll start again with photography. See you back in next article.

Vasanth babu E R