Why want to Buy Stock Photos Online: Why not Google


seven Tomatoes

A stock photography of a Tomato it is a Royalty free Image Click Download if neaded. Photography: Babu Vasanth


This article is for the buyers who want to buy stock images in websites. I am a stock photographer and graphic designer, I want to share what is stock photography and I want to share what is the purpose of a photo. Photos are imageries that explain the content more than a page full of text article if and only if the imagery is related to the content. Photographs and imageries are one of the biggest elements of multimedia. We can use photos in printed media publishing like posters, banners, flyers, catalogs etc and we can also use it in digital media publishing like in web pages, web banners, and web posters and so on. And these and are the major purpose of photos.

Why we want to buy

Now I want to share, why we want to buy photos online when of course we have Google and other image search engines. In those days when people the didn’t have an option for internet connection, what people did was, some of the people who want to buy images they directly call photographers to shoot a particular picture related to their content. The photographer will shoot images with models or objects and give the required number of photocopies to the client. Clients use those photocopies for their advertising purpose. After they use all the photos if required, they go back to the photographer to print that photocopy again, why because the photo negative was with the photographer

And if the client wants the photo negative, the photographer will charge more for that, why because the client can make “N” number copies “N” number of time. After the discovery of computer, printer and scanner machines, one can scan the photo print and he can print it “N” number of time.  This sounds illegal for the photographer who shot that picture. To favor photographer from this issues the  law of Copyrights where introduced


If the photographer sees the picture that was shot by him somewhere else that he didn’t sell it to that particular person or client, according to copyrights law, He can put a case on that person for using his picture illegally without his permission. During these days the photographers, they shoot the picture with the help of negative film role cameras known as SLR cameras, they develop it and print it on paper and they scan it to convert it to digital photo, if needed they publish it in internet for their clients who need those pictures for digital purpose say for web pages. After the introduction of Digital camera photographers shot the digital picture directly from the camera and they can use it for internet based clients.

Google images

When photographer’s clients publish or use their pictures for web pages Google identifies it using the name, tags, and keywords given to the picture and it’ll list it in Google image search engine when any person types the name, tag or keyword of that particular picture Google introduced image search engine so that anyone can find any information, also with images and it doesn’t mean that those pictures are downloadable for free. It’s still it is copyrighted by the photographer who took that picture. If the photographer sees the photograph somewhere he didn’t sell it then he can send a legal notice to the person who published that content with that picture. Then what is the purpose of showing “save as image” in Google search engine? It means anyone can download it for free which Google offer that image for personal use, not for commercial or business purpose so simply we can use it in our computer and it should not be published anywhere.

Stock Photography

Even in those days organizations there helped photographers and clients by standing as an intermediate. Photographers submit images under some name, categories, and keywords with that organization; the organization will make a library and keep images in each section. This library and section is nothing but stock. Some price will be fixed for every picture depending on the demand of the picture and clients come ask for the required images with name, categories, and keywords. if both the photographers and the client’s data matches and if the client likes that picture he purchases it from the organization for that price and the organization will give some percentage to the photographer and the organization with take some commission for standing and helping as an intermediate. Even now many organizations are there in real world facing photographers and clients directly without using internet connection

But now this generation is the period for online stock photography. With the help of internet world some companies running websites and doing the same job by standing in between clients and photographers. Photographers submit images, the company checks for quality and demand they fix price value for the photo, they sell I it gets to the client. They pay for the photographer and take some commission.

Don’t download all Google images for your business purpose. Not all images are costly. Websites are there to sell images for least cost.

For example visit this stock photography website:


Hope the article is interesting and informative.

Babu Vasanth