snake of india

Indian snake images

What are they doing?

People around watching these snakes. Some say they dancing for Sex. some say they fight like this and we can notice one snake which has a red band kind the body, only few noticed what happened how it stuck in snakes body may be snake accidentally went inside that band and it don’t know how to remove it


May be in my imaginary point of view the snake came out from the wild asking for help from people to remove the band from its body who knows whats happening. they too need help people want to help but we are killing it for money and medicine.

Snake sex

There is no doubt all living organisms (not asexual) do sex for life and to give birth. i have heard that some animals do foreplay before sex like some birds like male peacock dance to attract her mate a call for sex same like that snakes do foreplay by dancing together may hugging or cuddling this event may be a part of foreplay

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