what is photography

What is Photography?


Zeitung Financial Times / newspaper financial times

Zeitung Financial Times / newspaper financial times.


Photography is one of the power tool or media in graphic design why because it will explain the situation in one single picture rather than writing a very big article say for example a newspaper is publishing about Americans New Year celebration or Indians Diwali or Pongal celebration they first attract the public by showing the picture to continue reading the news or even to buy that particular newspaper. Nowadays people rather than reading news they buy newspapers only for watching pictures. it’s not only for attraction purpose and it is also for communication purpose the entire newspaper company is working to communicate people what they got or what information they want to communicate.


Not only newspapers it’s just an example for Print media publishing. We have many examples in print media publishing and digital media publishing but both print media and digital media are the classifications of one big word or field known as Multimedia. This field decides what the world wants to know. So it is a very topic to discuss about or to write about. I will write about Multimedia may be in next article. So I can explain about Photography today and all the reader who are still reading this article probably can understand the importance of photography

What is photography?


Pictures, Memories, Passion Profession and that’s it ?

Before starting about Photography DSLR Camera settings, effects and other things we first have to discuss about what is meant my photography what is the explanation of the word photography. In my class when I am asking this question my students tell different answers some of them are, taking pictures, memories, passion, profession etc. not a bad answer to my opinion I don’t want to discourage any of my students in the first class I reply to their answers like yeah, good, fine, anything else. At one point they stop answering. I make them to think more about the topic word why because they want to be impressed with my answer. This is my secret weapon to make my students to listen the class or entire session and even they think like I am quite a good teacher. They believe in me. They accept me as their teacher.

Teachers Explanation

I start with the simple explanation by splitting the word Photography, Photo + graphy. Photo and graphy come from Greek word. Photo means Photon and graphy this graphy combines with many words like Photography, videography, calligraphy and the people who work in these profession photographers, videographers and we can notice that the graphy is changed in to grapher and also this word graphy is similar to graphics or simply a Graph. See now I have collected how many words from the word photography graphy, grapher, graph and graphics


Man showing business graph on wood table

We all know Graph sheet is a paper with checks and we use graph sheet to mention points and lines. We store points using x and y values and we connect multiple points using lines and finely come to the conclusion or analysis where the line is traveling. Using graph we store and represent analytical results or records

Graphic designing

What is then graphics? The method of storing and representing any kind of works that can be a fine art painting, sketching, drawing, type, letters, documents, textile embroidery anything which we store and represent. It can also be manual or digital hand drawn or hand writing is also a graphics. When this word graphic comes with design which we call a profession graphic designing or graphic designers. I am a graphic designer which means I store and represent designs manually or digitally. And we see a new word design what is meant by a design? That I will write in a separate article why because it is again a very big topic to discuss.

What is meant by photo?

So we got to know that graphic design means storing and representing designs. In the same way calligraphy means the art of storing and representing type characters same way typography the art of storing representing typefaces same way videographer the person stores video clips in a film role or in a memory card same way photography storing and representing photo in a film role or in a memory card and what is meant by photo?

Photo means photon in physics photon means light and storing or capturing the light or drawing with light is the simple way to explain photography

Hope this article is useful somewhat to understand about the basics of photography. I just wrote what is the word photography means. Still I know it’s a long way to go as I told in future I will discuss about what is multimedia? What is design? Later on I ll start again with photography. See you back in next article.

Vasanth babu E R