monkey in a tree in Thiruparankundram hill

Hiking: Thiruparankundram Hill in Madurai, Tamilnadu, India.

Last weekend I went on hiking to Madurai thiruparankundram temple hill and got some pictures in my camera the place the atmosphere was outstanding people who love travel hiking and adventure once visit this place I like to share some of the pics.

t was around 7 am to 9 am in the morning kind of early morning I can show you more picture of the view of the city from the hill and monkeys all around.

It is a joy Experience with monkeys on the hill those are giving pose very clearly fighting playing it was just a quite experience going to that hill.

Pictures of Madurai thiruparankundram hill

Some more details about Thiruparankundram temple.

Tirupparankunram Murugan Temple is a Hindu temple and one of the Six Abodes of Murugan, located at Tirupparankunram. The temple is built in rock-cut architecture and believed to have been built by the Pandyas during the 6th century. According to the legend, it is where Murugan slain the demon Surapadman and married Deivayanai, the divine daughter of the king of heaven, Indra, and he is said to have worshipped Shiva here as Parangirinathar.

The temple is located 8 kilometers (5.0 mi) from Madurai in India. In the main shrine, apart from Muruga, deities of Shiva, Vishnu, Vinayaka, and Durga are housed. The temple follows the Shaivite tradition of worship. Six daily rituals and three yearly festivals are held at the temple, of which the Kantha Sashti festival during the Tamil month of Aippasi (October – November) being the most prominent. The temple is maintained and administered by the Hindu Religious and Endowment Board of the Government of Tamil Nadu.


Thiruparamkundram finds mention in Kanda Puranam detailing the slaying of Surapadman by Muruga. As per Hindu legend, Surapadma, a demon king, once obtained boons from Shiva on account of severe penance. He started ruling the 1008 worlds on account of the power attained. He married Padumakomalai and had several sons. Viramkendiram became his capital, a city created in the seas and he started troubling the Devas. He imprisoned Indra (the king of celestial deities) and also desired his wife Indrani. Indra sought the help of Muruga. Muruga sent his messenger Viravakutevar to the demon, but he was unmoved. A severe battle was fought in Thiruparamkundram where Muruga killed all the sons of the demon except Iranian. Surapadman hid under the sea and Muruga split him into two pieces, which went on the become the divine vehicles, peacock, and the rooster. The day when Muruga slew Surapadma is celebrated as Skanda Sashti festival in all the Murugan temples.

Indra, the king of Devas was impressed and he married Deivayanai, his divine daughter to Muruga at Thiruparamkundram. Muruga is believed to have worshipped Shiva here as Parangirinathar. Kanthar Anoobothi, a treatise of the divine marriage records that Muruga asked all the divine angels and gods who attended the marriage to fly back to heaven in their own vehicles in Mano veham (speed of thought).


Inscriptional evidence point out that this temple, being carved out of a hill, was most probably earlier a Jain cave. There is another theory that earlier to this, the Murugan temple existed much before the 6th century and converted into Jain worship center by Jain monks under the aegis of Pandya king Koon pandiyan. The temple was later converted into a Hindu temple under the tutelage of Gajapathy, the minister of a later Pandya King, during the latter part of the 8th century. The temple has several additions during the regime of Madurai Nayaks who commissioned the pillared halls in the temple.[4] In modern times, the temple is maintained and administered by the Hindu Religious and Endowment Board of the Government of Tamil Nadu.


The temple is built rock-cut architecture dating back to the Pandya period of the 6th century and the life-sized sculptures in the mandapas of the Nayaka period during the 16th century.An Aasthaana Mandapa with several artistically carved pillars leads one to the towering 150 feet (46 m) high seven-tiered rajagopuram at the entrance.The granite hill behind the temple is 1,050 ft (320 m) has a shrine of Kasi Viswanatha at the top. The image of Vinayaka in the temple in the temple is sported holding sugarcane and fruits.

The Kambathadi Mandapam, Ardha Mandapam, and Mahamandapam, the three halls leading to the sanctum, are situated at varying elevation. The main shrine is an early rock-cut temple which has cells that house the sanctums of Subramanya, Durga, Vinayakar, Shiva, and Vishnu. All the statues are carved on the wall of the Thiruparankundram rock. The presiding deity Shiva is known Parangirinathar and the female deity his consort Parvathi is known as Aavudai Nayaki. Panels depicting Shiva’s dance of bliss are seen outside the sanctum.

A notable feature of this temple is that the Shiva and Vishnu face each other in the main shrine, considered a rare thing in ancient Hindu temples. Outside the temple, there is the tank, where according to the temple tradition, the fishes are served with salt and rice flakes by the devotees. There is also a Vedic school adjacent to the banks of the temple pond. In front of the Dwajasthambam, the Flagstaff, there is a carved Nandi, Mayil (Peacock) and Mouse (the vehicle of Ganesha). There is a flight of six steps called the “Shadashara Padigal”, before Ardha Mandapam. The rock carvings of Mahisshasura Mardini, Karpaga Vinayagar, Andarabaranar, and Uggirar are seen in the hall. There are five divine water bodies, namely, Saravana Poigai, Lakshmi Theertham, Saniyasi Kinaru (well), Kasi Sunai, and Sathiya Koopam.

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snake of india

Indian snake images

What are they doing?

People around watching these snakes. Some say they dancing for Sex. some say they fight like this and we can notice one snake which has a red band kind the body, only few noticed what happened how it stuck in snakes body may be snake accidentally went inside that band and it don’t know how to remove it


May be in my imaginary point of view the snake came out from the wild asking for help from people to remove the band from its body who knows whats happening. they too need help people want to help but we are killing it for money and medicine.

Snake sex

There is no doubt all living organisms (not asexual) do sex for life and to give birth. i have heard that some animals do foreplay before sex like some birds like male peacock dance to attract her mate a call for sex same like that snakes do foreplay by dancing together may hugging or cuddling this event may be a part of foreplay

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