What is Rule Of Thirds

Most of the time we can see photos (good award winning Photos) with the subjects aligned left side or right side in the frame and Not in the center. This is why because the point of interest is less in the center, not only that but, also the balance of the subject will vary from one subject to another subject

For Example the portrait in the photo is very tight in frame and it is fully looking straight like we see both the ears of the portrait so there we can fix centered alignment.                  For example see the below photo


And Some time the portrait is full figured and we have lots of space around the portrait for Example

  • Photographer want to show both the subject and the background
  • Background is so beautiful like sun rise in beach
  • Subject want to take the picture with a historical place like Tajmahal, eiffel tower, The Pyramids at Giza, The Colosseum and Forum

So the photographer want to take both background and portrait. There we don’t have interest on Centered alignment of subject, In that case we have to keep the subject in left or right side in the frame which it ll be more convincing for our eyes

In that case we need to follow a rule known as rule of thirds.


So What is Rule of thirds?? Rule of thirds have two horizontal lines and two vertical line in the frame so that the frame can be divided equally in 9 equal parts

We can organize the subjects on in any one line which are convincing for our eyes and where the intersection of both horizontal and vertical lines have 4 points which have more interest there or around the points. We can organize minute subject like subjects eyes. In Some cases like landscape or ocean, we have horizon line in that case we can organize the frame by placing the the horizon line in any horizontal line in rule of thirds see the below images which are organized in rule of thirds.

This principle, we have in  DSLR cameras, point and shoot cameras and  even mobile applications also. But people which or not in photography field may don’t know why they have that grid there in the app, they just take the picture just like that but it ll be more helpful to take the picture using that rule.

I teach Photography to my students and i ll start with asking why we have that grid in app to make them to think about that first then i ll start with the explanation. Even more this rule is pretty much helpful in making designs, layouts, templates in graphics and Web and also it helps artists to make attractive art works


Hope this information is helpful to understand about rule of thirds See you on next Blog Post


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